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    Yes. Pomposity is a word. You're welcome.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I wanted to post more frequently, but I make the mistake of not setting down a firm schedule, so I never added it to my plans. That’s changing now. Over the last month and a half, I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve been doing every day because … Continue reading

First week of tracking

Here’s my tracking for the week. To help decode the fabulous stars, please consult this post.

Goals and reaching them

I’ve seldom been one to partake in the tradition of setting goals for the new year. That’s something I’ve decided to change. I have tried out a few projects that I wanted to keep up with over the course of a year – for example, trying (and failing) at doing a photo365 project and at … Continue reading

Trying new things

I’ve been trying new things. In fact, I never try new things. But here I am, trying new things. Trying new things is…wrong, foreign, distressing, stressful, and just not done. But here I am, trying new things. Last year, I started an art blog. But, Rachel, you say, you’re not an artist. And you’re right, … Continue reading

I found a reason

I just wrote a massive post on the “new post” tab and hit delete, not knowing I wasn’t in the text editor. I lost the entire post. It was around 1000 words. And extremely gushy. I won’t use this again – it doesn’t appear that drafts are saved, since I can’t seem to find one … Continue reading